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Niki, the dog who loves to run

car accident dog rear leg amputated

Niki, the dog who loves to run

Photos we forgot

May 1st, 2010 · 7 Comments · Uncategorized

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I left these out of the last post – the one of Niki walking and one of ‘the trap’

niki on a walk a few days after the accident

..aqnd this is only half of it in the photo!

Niki RAN TODAY!!!! We took a short little ride on the atv and she ran like the wind!!  We kept it short since her staples are still in but she loved it and did really great! I can’t believe it!!  All the nice  tripawds who wrote to us were right!!  She will run again!!  This is really exciting.  Plus her raw diet is going great.  Her bowl of dog food is still sitting there and she hasn’t touched it.  I cooked a bone for her tonight and she didn’t want that either.  She’s eating oatmeal, flax seed oil, a spoonful of yogurt, ” ” raw honey, garlic clove, some liver, muscle meat and beef bones with meat on them.  We’re looking for a meat grinder to grind up the box of beef hearts and tongues we found at the meat market.  It’s more work but she is worth it!

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  • GerrysMom

    People are insane! What a lazy, irresponsible way to hunt – if you can even call it that…

    Speaking of which, so glad Niki showed you she can still run! They really seem to find it easier than walking anyway – not that she should do a ton of exercise so soon after her amputation anyway.

    My first tripawd, Yoda, had bone cancer and caught a rabbit in the yard (healthy-looking too) not only after his amputation, but in the last week or so of his life:

    And Gerry flies from dog to dog and person to person at the dog park:

    You’ll be hard pressed to find anything Niki can’t do as a tripawd, once she’s had a little time to heal and work things out.

    Glad to hear she’s doing so great! Don’t panic if there are still some set backs between now and when she gets her staples out. Talk to your vet about everything and come share with us if/when that’s not enough. There’s lots of collective experience here.

  • etgayle

    wow, that’s amazing, running (see, told you she would amaze you with her ability to adjust). so glad all is going well for niki and you… regarding the trap, we thought all the cooters lived here in tennessee, guess a few escaped and got out your way. anyone who sets a trap should have the experience of sitting on an open on first (imho). enjoy your days, but don’t do too much and bust those staples out (i recommend napping to celebrate). gayle.

  • anyemery

    Way to go, Niki! Keep on amazing your mom – we know you can! But don’t overdo it too much – you need to get some rest from time to time… and before you know it you’ll be running everywhere again!

    Thanks for the great update!
    Holly and Holly’s mom

  • merrie

    I’m concerned about how she feels. Obviously she knows she is not as capable … and obviously she knows her leg is gone… even though she may not think of it like that..

  • jerry

    Nikki, that trap is soooo scary. We’re just happy you lived through it and you’re feeling so good these days.

    Beef hearts RULE! Yum! Where do you get your offal?

  • merrie

    I had to look up what ‘offal’ meant!! I got the hearts and tonges (a huge box) at a meat market – they had them in their freezer all wrapped in packages. Then they told me I could order a box of chicken necks or backs ($12 for 40 lbs!). I also went to another place where they had just butchered a cow for a private person and they saved a box of bones for me.

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