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Niki, the dog who loves to run

car accident dog rear leg amputated

Niki, the dog who loves to run

One week later – Niki

May 1st, 2010 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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Niki two days laterThis is Niki two days after the accident. She's still swollen up pretty badly but able to go for walks and get through the doggie door. She's such a trooper - didn't even have to have a bonnet to keep her from chewing at the staples! Every time I look at her (I can't help it) - it just makes my stomach go into my throat!niki going for a walk instead of a run

We made another visit to the vet to make sure the discoloration wasn’t an infection and everyone gave her the thumbs up.  They think she is doing great!  My sister drove 900 miles to be here for support.  I told her about this website and how much all the kind advice has helped me understand this too.  

Teresa with niki

Niki is improving daily and has the staples taken out in a couple of days.  Thank God I still have her and that it wasn’t worse than it was.  She is such a strong girl, I can’t wait until she gets better so I can breathe again. 
Yesterday, we went to a vacant rental house to check on it and I stumbled on a trap someone had set for a raccoon !!!  I thought it was a can under the leaves and when I reached to pick it up, it went off!!  I was furious!!  That would have been a tragedy if Niki had stepped on it (or I had lost my fingers!)  The police said that it is definitely illegal to set traps – especially in a neighborhood – stupid stupid people!!!  My sister is wondering if living in the country isn’t fraught with dangers..

7 days later and so much improvement!!

I looked at the blog of the pup exercising and Niki can already make tight turns (slowly) and balances on uneven surfaces.  Only a couple of times has she needed help.

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  • cometdog

    Niki – you are a beautiful tripawd! Just wait until your hair grows back! All of us girl dogs here are gonna be so jealous of you! I betcha Wyatt Ray is gonna whisper sweet nothings to you! He’s getting very flirty with the ladies!

    You are one lucky girl! You have swell pawrents and even an Auntie that would drive so far to help you recover!

    Keep up the good work, Niki! In another week, you will be doing the hippity hoppy dance!

  • etgayle

    wow, you are doing very well!!! you’ll have your hair back in no time, and well…you obviously still have all your good looks!!! keep those peoples of yours in line, and take a nice nap when time permits (like there’s a bad time for a nap….) gayle

  • Opie

    You will do pawesome, Niki.

    The first two weeks are the most frustrating and then you will get stronger and stronger and guess what? You will run again. You may have to slow down a little more often, but you will be running wild soon enough.

    PS. Cool racoon photo you posted. Was that a friend of yours? You must be a really nice girl….I think Comet is going to be jealous. She likes to make sure all the tripawd boy dogs belong to her. Sorry Comet, Opie told me that awhile back when he confessed he kind of had a thing for you and Maggie.

    Opie’s mom

  • merrie

    The raccoon was one that someone got tired of feeding so we brought him home until he could go out on his own. He loved niki!! When he bit her too hard, she would put his whole head in her mouth and just hold him for a minute. They loved to wrestle.

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